Preparing Your Quilt

Tips on Preparing your Quilt

Please make sure that your quilt top is pieced with care. If you have eased in pieces, or have small puckers in some parts of your quilt, they may not be able to be quilted without creating puckers in the quilt. Make sure that your sides are the same width and the same length. Stay stitch 1/8" around the outside edge to prevent the edges from stretching and to keep the seams from coming apart.

Press the back of your quilt top. This is a good time to check all your seams and make sure that they are not coming apart. Trim all the loose threads that are on the top of your quilt. All seams should be pressed flat. Do not press your seams open if you want your quilt to be "Stitched in the Ditch".

Cut off all loose threads from the back of your quilt. If your quilt has light areas, the dark loose threads may show through when it is quilted and take away from the finished product.

Mark the TOP of your quilt (where it would lie on the bed) with a piece of paper marked "TOP". Attach the paper to the top of your quilt with a safety pin.

If you will be hand delivering your quilt to me, fold your quilt top and back and place over a padded hanger. If you are dropping your quilt off at a quilt shop, please clearly mark that the quilt is for Grass Roots Quilting. Other quilters pick up and deliver so this will avoid any confusion.

Shipping Your Quilt Top

Place your top and back in plastic bags before putting into the box, and place a piece of cardboard on top of your quilt before closing the box. Make sure to choose a box big enough to ship back the completed quilt. Test with a quilt you have already finished and please enclose a return address label with all your pertinent information. Once I recieve your quilt I will call you and reconfirm the details of your order.

Your backing should be 100% cotton. Poly/cotton and 100% polyester will stretch differently and could cause tucks and puckering when quilting. Please, no sheets. I carry a small selection of wide fabrics in natural and white for your convenience.
Remove all salvages from both seams and along the outside edge of your backing. Once you put a seam in fabric, that area becomes the weakest part of the fabric. Because of this, try to avoid having your seam right down the center as this is where quilts get folded the most often, and over time, will wear in this place.

Cut your backing and batting at least 8" bigger (width & length) than your quilt top and square it up. If folded in half and laid on a flat surface, you should have 90-degree corners. When piecing your backing, make sure the grain of the fabric is the same on all pieces and use a 1/2 " seam allowance.

Press your backing. Fold carefully and place on a plastic hanger with your quilt top if you are hand delivering to me or if you are shipping place carefully with your quilt top to minimize the wrinkling.

NOTE: The better job you do preparing your quilt top and backing, the better job I can do for you when quilting.

I carry Hobbs Heirloom 80/20, Hobbs 100% washable wool and Warm & Natural. If you are providing me with your own batting, I prefer using Warm & Natural, Quilters Dream or Hobbs Heirloom batting. Please check with me first if you have some other type of batting.

Phone and Email Contact Information
If you have any questions, you may contact me by calling 360-332-9420 or email me at


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